About Bread & Circus

Long time friends Barry Putzke and Jordan Taylor have always had a propensity for planning their next meal before the current one is even finished. Shortly after graduating college, they packed up and headed west to Portland, where Barry pursued a career in finance and Jordan attended culinary school to follow his passion for west coast farm-to-table cooking.

Nearly 15 years later, they crafted a plan to come back home and share a little of what they loved about Portland. Today they own and operate Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen, where their goal is to provide quality, handcrafted food and beverages in a casual environment. Sourcing local ingredients as much as possible, they strive to shorten the distance between the field and your plate. Come down and check them out in beautiful & historic Downtown Sioux Falls!

Any questions, check out our contact info below. We’ll see you soon!