About Bread & Circus

Long time friends Barry Putzke and Jordan Taylor have always had a propensity for planning their next meal before the current one is even finished. Shortly after graduating college, they packed up and headed west to Portland, where Barry pursued a career in finance and Jordan attended culinary school to follow his passion for west coast farm-to-table cooking.

Nearly 15 years later, they crafted a plan to come back home and share a little of what they loved about Portland. Today they own and operate Bread & Circus Sandwich Kitchen, where their goal is to provide quality, handcrafted food and beverages in a casual environment. Besides small plates, salads, soups, and sandwiches, they also have a small deli case offering house made deli meats and sausages. Sourcing local ingredients as much as possible, they strive to shorten the distance between the field and your plate. Come down and check them out in beautiful & historic Downtown Sioux Falls!

Any questions, check out our contact info below. We’ll see you soon!